Monogamous? Polyamorous? Open?
Something else?

Are you and your boyfriend on the same page? Let’s find out (and get you there if not)

The Commitment Clarity Checklist is your next step in strengthening & shifting your relationship.

The Commitment Clarity Checklist is a way to create more security and connection while opening the door for future possibility in a way that feels safe and committed.

With this short guided checklist you'll learn how to

  • How to get on the same page in how you describe your relationship
  • What you both mean by words like “boyfriends,” "partner," “taken,” “committed” or “exclusive” (you'd be surprised how different these can be! and how damaging misunderstandings can be)
  • A better way to strengthen your relationship and get on the same page, while leaving room for exploration in the future
  • How to align your interests and values so that everyone feels safe and excited in the relationship
  • The three lists you and your boyfriend need to make to avoid arguments about commitment or cheating in the future
  • Disagreement does not need to be mean the end of a relationship
  • A simple, low-pressure way to ask for what you want while also loving and respecting your partner
  • The first thing to do if your partner wants an open relationship so that you don’t sacrifice your feelings, values, or needs

This is where every couple should start

✅ Before opening up or talking about polyamory

✅ If you want to improve your already-open relationship

✅ Or even if you want to stay monogamous

When you define the details of your commitment, you draw closer to one another and build a dynamic that supports your unique relationship.

Whether you decide on monogamy, polyamory, an open relationship, or to define your relationship on your own terms, this guide will give you more clarity, commitment, security, passion, and excitement with one another.

When you and your partner are on the same page, anything is possible.

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Brian has helped me find space to figure out my own needs and wants, and understand that they’re all okay. Honoring my whole self has shifted the way I approach dating.

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